Company parties

The difference between happiness and pleasure is that you can chose the pleasure yourself
And it will for sure be a pleasure if you decide to have the next company party in Skærbæk Course and Event Centre.

Company parties in perfect surroundings

We would be happy to assist you in the planning of your company party. We have tried it before – right from the planning to the holding of the party.
We have the facilities for all kinds and sizes of company parties.

Company party with overnight stay

Our fine cabins which are located just next to the centre can accommodate approx. 250 guests. If this is not sufficient we cooperate with external hotels and we will of course also arrange bus transportation.

A beautifully decorated room is the icing on the cake

In Skærbæk Course and Event Centre we will also arrange the decoration for the company party of the year. Our creative decorator will take care of the decoration of the room such as flowers, decorations, ornaments, laying of the tables with colours, napkins and candles. These are small, but very important details.

Music and transportation

This must also be set straight. E.g. ordering of music, bus transportation of guests to the party etc. can also be handled by us.


Food and wine

The kitchen team in Skærbæk Course and Event Centre will take care of the culinary arrangement. They will help you with the composition of the menu for the company party – no matter whether there are 100 or 900 guests.
We would also be happy to assist you with your choice of wine.

Theme parties

Finally we can also arrange theme parties – Italian/Greek/Spanish inspired. How about a 60’ies party, a western evening with line dance or Grandma’s allotment shack?