Teambuilding – a joint event – fun and learning
The purpose of team building is to give your employees an eventful day which contributes to the strengthening of the cooperation and motivation forward-looking. Here you are really brought together.

Company teambuilding

Skærbæk Course and Event Centre in Southern Jutland offers a huge number of team building activities – and you will not be pushed to take part in hard, transcendent activities.


Activities that we can offer:

• Pentathlon
• Line dance
• Paint the large picture
• Cooking
• Farmer games
• Build your own dragon
• Oyster catching including tasting
• Money Talks
• etc.

Activities such as go-cart, bowling or sports competitions could also easily be arranged as part of your company team building.

Facilities and instructors

Besides the perfect surroundings in Southern Jutland and around Skærbæk Course and Holiday Centre team building activities can be arranged in Hjemsted – Daneland Experience where you can shoot with bow and arrow or sail a dugout. At Skærbæk Go-cart Centre a Le Mans race can be arranged or we could suggest a bike trip (or bus trip) to the scenic Wadden Sea National Park.


Do you need a speaker to make a pep talk in our theatre hall?
Do you want to make a joint painting in our Art House which can be used as decoration in your company as a reminder of a “get together” arrangement?
There are lots of opportunities and Skærbæk Course and Event Centre will be happy to assist you in arranging your team building event.

Meetings with active breaks

If you need some amusement during a course this can also be arranged – for instance a pentathlon, a shooting competition or a bowling match.

A good ending to a good team building event

End the day with a party or maybe even a gala dinner.
During the dinner the handing over of prizes to the winning teams can be done.
If you are looking for overnight stays at reasonable prices we can recommend our cabins.