Holiday guide – the best attractions in Southern Jutland

Skærbæk activity and holiday centre is located in the middle of a unique nature close to the Wadden Sea National Park, but also with a large number of other attractions and sights nearby.
There is only 5 minutes’ walk to the many shops in Skærbæk. Here you will find grocery stores where you can get freshly baked bread in the morning or visit the interesting specialist shops.
The holiday centre is only 30 km from the Danish/German border where the shops are tempting with good bargains.

Explore the town of Skærbæk

hjemstedOnly 1.5 km from Skærbæk holiday centre (within walking distance) you will find the interesting activity park – Hjemsted – Daneland Experience. Here history becomes alive and you can e.g. experience life in the Iron Age and explore the large underground museum.
Test your skills with bow and arrow, sail tribal boats or enjoy other fun activities. The park is an El Dorado for kids and all the animals in the park are a fun experience for the entire family.
The galleries in Skærbæk are also worth a visit.
daisyDahl’s Gallery
gokartOnly 1 km from the holiday centre you will find Skærbæk go-cart centre where the family gets an opportunity of having a fun competition.
ridecenterSkærbæk riding centre


Close to the sky and sea

Skærbæk holiday centre is also a perfect base for excursions all year round.

Attractions on the holiday island of Rømø

romodkEurope’s longest sandy beach, picturesque Rømø houses, the museum “Kommandørgården” and the church on Rømø. There is alot to see and experience on the island, where you try attractions and activities like beach sailing, kite boarding, kite-flying or windsurfing. Also try a horseback ride around the island.
tonnisgaardFun experiences can also be found at the Naturcenter Tønnisgård.
For instance, try a ride with a horse-drawn carriage or a visit to one of the bunkers
rlpnuExperience the funny family attraction Rømø Play and Labyrinth Park with a number of small and large labyrinths
romolysWhen visiting Rømø Lys you can make your own candles in all colours of the rainbow. Please also visit the interesting shop with fashion clothes, shoes and applied art.
nationalparkvadehavetOne of the largest attractions is the Wadden Sea National Park which is now also on the UNESCO World Heritage list
syltFrom Rømø you can go by ferry to the German island Sylt. You can stay on the ferry or get off the ferry and go sightseeing on Sylt.


Visit our German neighbours:

noldeIf you want to go shopping there is a number of stores just across the border – only a short drive away from Skærbæk Holiday and Activity Centre.
Just a few km from the Danish/German border you will also find the famous Nolde-Stiftung Museum
husumOr how about a one-day trip to exciting towns in the northern part of Germany?
In just one day you and your family can visit our Germany neighbouring towns and see the attractions there. We would suggest that you visit e.g. Friedrichstand also called “The Nordic Venice”, Husum “the picturesque town at the Sea” or the small market town, Tønning.
Read more about Husum here


The gems of South Jutland:

schackenborgWonderful Schackenborg Castle
You will find Denmark’s most picturesque village street in the nice castle town of Møgeltønder where you can join guided tours of the garden at Schakenborg Castle.
Read more about Schackenborg Castle here
tonderTønder – just as in the old days
Denmark’s oldest market town – a thriving commercial centre.
The town is known for the Tønder Festival, its Christmas market, ”The old Pharmacy” and Tønder Museum.
Furthermore you should visit the dike town of Højer as well as Løgumkloster and the carillons.
ribeDenmark’s oldest town, Ribe
This is a place filled with atmosphere and a huge number of attractions. You will soon discover this when you stroll along the beautiful cobbled streets and see the picturesque cathedral.
nationalparkvadehavetThe Wadden Sea National Park
Marsh, the Wadden Sea, a clear sky and larder for 10-12 millions of migratory birds.
The Wadden Sea National Park which is now added to the UNESCO World Heritage list is a unique natural and cultural area where the tides change twice a day.
sortsolStarling Magic
Starling Magic can be experienced every spring and autumn where around 1 million starlings are gathering and ”dancing” across the sky in gigantic flocks while fighting for their lives against the charging birds of prey. Together with Sort Safari we can also offer Swan Magic (White Sun), Goose Magic (Grey Sun), Oyster Safari and Seal Safari.
There are 3 golf courses not far away from Skærbæk Holiday and Activity Centre – in Tønder, in Toftlund and on Rømø.
There are streams and fishing lakes nearby where you might be lucky enough to get a good catch. Try e.g. Arrild Fishing Lake, Rømø Fishing Lake or the streams in Bredebro and Brøns.
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Lots of attractions within a short distance

legoIf you don’t mind driving a little longer we would suggest that you visit the below attractions:
Danfoss Universe
Historic Dybbøl Mill and area
Fishing and Seafaring Museum


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