The Art House

The Art House is an active and exciting place where the art is visible and accessible to all. A place for artistic expression in all its forms and at all levels. We are not a museum, a gallery or a studio, we have it all and more. We are a place for exhibition of local talent, both professionals and non-professionals, and a place where anyone who’s interested can explore the art and its artistic possibilities.

Year round we run short and long art courses, art weekend- and summer residences, lectures, art exhibitions, events, etc. and if you have a great idea for something as well please contact us.

Throw yourself into e.g. ceramics, the glass department, the weaving workshop and a large and bright studio for all bulky courses e.g. painting, life drawing, basket weaving, silk painting, sculpturing and more.

We are glad that you came by, and we look forward to seeing you in the Art House.