Water Park

Our swimming pool is a paradise for both kids and adults. You can have a quick swim in the large pool, play in the kids’ pool or just relax in the sauna, health cubicle or in a sunbed. There is also a cafeteria where food and drinks can be bought.

Opening hours in the Water Park

Please take a look here (Page is in danish) 


Entrance – incl. sauna, whirlpool and steam bath


 1 ticket10 trip ticket20 trip ticket30 trip ticket
Babies (0-2 years)€ 1,40
Children (3-15 years)€ 3,70€ 32,45€ 53,90€ 67,00
Adults (16-64 years)€ 7,50€ 64,20€ 90,50€ 111,90
Senior Citizens (65+ years)€ 5,55€ 47,00€ 60,00€ 75,30





There are no time limits
Guests are called up 15 min. before closing time
Children between 0-3 need to use tight diapers – This  is for the sake of the other guests in the swimming pool –
they can be bought at the reception where you can also buy swimwear and more.



The water park details

25 m pool 28º | Hot-water pools 33º | Children’s pool 33º | 1 and 3 m diving boards | 53 m water slide | Water cannon | Massage nozzles | Water toys | FREE Whirlpool
Steam bath | Sauna | Health cubicle etc.


  • If you have an infectious disease, do not bathe.
  • It may be diarrhea, common cold, sore throat, ear infections, inflammation of the skin or jaundice (hepatitis A) in the infectious stage.
  • Do you have plantar warts or athlete’s foot you can bathe, BUT ONLY if you are under medical treatment for it.
  • Babies from 0-3 years of age must wear swim diaper pants – can be purchased in the café.;
  • Individuals who can not keep the stool or urine, do not bathe without agreement with the staff.
  • Use the toilet and then wash the entire body – WITHOUT swimwear – with soap.
  • Cream, make-up, hair spray and similar must be removed before bathing.
  • After visits to the toilet, sauna and steam bath you wash in the shower again.
  • Swimwear must be clean.
  • Is there a stool in the water, the pool must be vacated immediately and lifeguard must be called.