Water Park

Our swimming pool is a paradise for both kids and adults. You can have a quick swim in the large pool, play in the kids’ pool or just relax in the sauna, health cubicle or in a sunbed. The café is open and ready to serve you a light snack or drinks.

The water park details

25 m pool 28º | Hot-water pools 33º | Children’s pool 33º | 1 and 3 m diving boards | 53 m water slide | Water cannon | Massage nozzles | Water toys | FREE Whirlpool
Steam bath | Sauna | Health cubicle etc.

Opening hours in the Water Park and Entrance

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Infrared sauna

Infrared heat is recognized for pure relaxation, a real whole-body welding cleaning/detoxification (intoxication).

Sweating daily is considered one of the best routines you can do to stay healthy in yoga circles.

The radiant heat relieves the overburdened muscles. The waste is cleaned by the pores of the skin and blood pressure drops. The infrared heat penetrates deep into the body and warms up from the inside out.

Saunagus in the skærbækcentret

On Wednesday evening we offer saunagus in conjunction with the quiet evening in the swimming pool.

Saunagus has an all-over effect that makes it possible to start many processes. The body is overused in the heat, which strengthens the immune system.

The heart pumps faster and pushes the blood into all parts of the body, the blood vessels expand, and when you work with breathing, more oxygen comes to your body and muscles.

When the body encounters the cold, the blood vessels contract and the shock triggers a flow of endorphins and adrenaline in the blood, creating an increased sense of energy and vitality.

Saunagus can be a motivational primo a weight loss – just as there can be nicer skin because blocked pores are cleaned, so there is a great renewal for the body.

Complimentary water and fruits are served in conjunction with saunagus.

Rules of conduct / Worth knowing

  • There is no time limit.
  • Children under the age of 8 are only allowed to use the pool in the company of an adult.
  • Children aged 7 or more must use the women’s or men’s sections,respectively.
  • The swimming pool staff is not responsible for clothing or valuables. Lockers are provided in the respective changing rooms.
  • People who suffer from infectious diseases, skin diseases, open/sided wounds or who wear a bandage do not have access.
  • People who cannot hold their excrement and urine are not allowed to use the pools.
  • Babies aged 0-3 years must wear special swim diapers and tight swimwear. Both bathing diapers and swimwear can be purchased at the reception. There is a changing area with a changing table in the cloakroom and in the swimming pool.
  • Before using the swimming pools and sauna, you must wash your hair and your whole body – without bathing clothes. Washing must be carried out again after visiting the toilet. The swimwear may only be worn after washing.
  • It is not allowed to bathe with underwear.
  • Do not run in the hall as the floor is slippery. Use bathing shoes if necessary.
  • If you cannot swim, you should be aware of the depth of the water and inform yourself with signs. If necessary, ask the lifeguard.
  • The use of bathing toys, diving boards 1 and 3 meters and other equipment provided by the swimming pool is at your own risk. Signs and instructions must be observed.
  • Photographing is not allowed. The same rule also applies to mobile phones.
  • You can’t enjoy your own food and drink in the hall. Food, ice cream and drinks can be purchased at the café.
  • All guests are called 15 min. before the announced closing time.
  • Instructions of the bathing staff and signs must be observed.
  • Failure to comply with the rules may result in reprimand and quarantine.
  • All complaints can be addressed to the center manager.

We reserve the right to make changes

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