Handball Camp

Skærbæk Holiday Centre offers the best facilities for serious handball training and when arranging a handball camp nothing is left to chance.

The centre has the perfect settings for a handball training camp – also at high level. Here are all the facilities that a trainer could ask for and the service level is high.

Handball in the heart of the centre

The 2 sports halls in the middle of the centre are giving you the best settings for any handball camp together with the other facilities in the centre.
All facilities are right here – massage, fitness centre or entertainment in your spare time.

Skærbæk Holiday Centre has often been hosting various handball matches and competitions – even international matches and European Championship qualification matches have been played in the centre.
Every time we have been complimented for the professional arrangement and the great indoor and outdoor facilities.

It is important for us that a handball camp is a pleasant experience and that the best facilities are available for the athletes. Our staff in the centre is ready to solve almost any task and is of course available during the entire stay.

Handball camp in modern cabins

In Skærbæk Holiday Centre we know how important it is to relax between the training sessions and that the way of relaxing is individual.
Our great cabins makes it possible to feel at home in a much better way than if you live in e.g. a room.

If a cheaper handball camp should be arranged for younger kids we can offer overnight stays in a dormitory.


Food is important

Our kitchen staff is used to make delicious food – also for athletes.