Soccer Camp

Skærbæk Holiday Centre can offer you a top-class customised soccer camp.
Let us handle all the practicalities and you can spend the time on training and social intercourse.


A fantastic soccer camp

With a 3rd generation artificial turf and six grass fields Skærbæk Holiday Centre is an obvious choice when it comes to a soccer training camp.
During the winter the training is not disturbed by frozen or bad grass fields as you can use the artificial turf instead which is also well illuminated. This field has also been approved for tournaments.

All fields are located close to the centre with large warm-up areas and green areas nearby. Perfect surroundings for serious training. If required training can also be made in one of our sports halls.


Training competitors

We can assist you in finding the right training competitors if your football team wants to play real training matches.

Soccer camp with overnight stays

The overnight stay will be in our modern cabins. If we should arrange a cheaper stay for the younger guests we may in certain periods be able to offer overnight stay in a dormitory.

In Skærbæk Holiday Centre you can concentrate on the sports while we are taking care of all the practicalities.

Huge arrangements can also be taken care of

Furthermore Skærbæk Holiday Centre is experienced within arranging large soccer competitions and we hosted the world championship in school football in 2005. The requirements for our facilities were huge as 800 persons from 22 nations were participating and more than 100 matches were played (some were even directly transmitted on TV).

The event went off trouble-free and Skærbæk Holiday Centre was complimented for the great facilities and the high service level of the personnel.